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SaxTripleX tells how she received the best oral sex ever

March 14th, 2014

I slid my hand down between my brown thighs and slipped a finger gently along my shaved smooth slit feeling the glistening dew leaking from my tingling slit it was Rob. Oh my, it felt so good. I was lying alone in the sauna at the gym, wearing just the gym’s short white towel around my body and nothing else. Through the steamy mist Rob enters with a small towel wrapped around his fit waist. He closes the door behind him and moves towards me and tells me he has waited for this moment. He then drops the towel to the floor where I am greeted with the sight of his very hard cock and his beautiful muscular body. He begins to kiss me passionately sending jolts of electricity through my whole body, but more importantly into my pussy. Immediately as I felt his tongue probe my mouth, I could feel my juices flowing.
I opened my legs wide to welcome all of Rob deep inside me; I began to thrust his dick in and out of soaking wet pussy. My juices were beginning to trickle down my ass. Moaning I rubbed my clit harder, feeling the building of my climax. I wanted it to last so I slid his dick back out and slid it up and down my sensitive lady parts. My mind went back to where Rob told me he just had to taste me, and slid down my body licking and kissing my tits and belly along the way until he reached my smooth mound. Gazing at my pussy, he spreads the lips open wide and gives my clit a quick flit with his tongue making me gasp. I hear Rob’s voice tell me I have the most prettiest of lady parts he’s ever seen and buries his mouth onto my pussy. My finger worked on my clit as I imagined Rob’s tongue licking and sucking it.

His tongue ran up one side and down the other and then down to my anus. I squealed in delight as I had never felt a tongue there before and it was awesome. He flicked his tongue like lightening over my clit, sending me into incredible spasms over and over, bringing me ever so close to an earth shattering climax, but would then back off and then bringing me back over and over. “Mmm, SaXXX not only do you have a beautiful cunt, you also have the most delicious cunt,” Rob said as he then buried his tongue into my wet hole. His finger expertly rubbed and tickled my very swollen sensitive clit. I was in heaven; never had I had my pussy so wonderfully eaten before. For over a half an hour, Rob was perfectly happy bent between my legs as he licked, sucked and fingered my pussy into so many orgasms, I had lost count.

At one point, after licking and tonguing my anus, he slid a finger into my tight sphincter and began to finger fuck me as he slicked and sucked on my clit until I screamed out, ‘OM MY !!!OH ROB YESSSS!” as I thrashed about and bucked hard into his face as I had the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced in my entire life. I suddenly squirted a huge amount of hot cum all over Rob’s face. He gasped as it flooded his nose and mouth, coughing as it drowned his face. As I began to come down, I could not stop thanking him for the most amazing orgasms I had ever had. He said, “Trust me SAXXX, really the pleasure was all mine!”

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SaxTripleX trip to film videos on site in New York

February 10th, 2014

My trip to film video’s for my site was filled with erotic fun. I met up with BSP and Crew and shot some really hot scenes some of which you can see at .

It stared with me driving from the DMV to NYC, I was so excited to be on the road and thinking about the fine ass males that I would be fucking. My pussy was throbbing almost to the point of me having an organism all on my own. But I was driving so trying to keep my eye’s and mind on the road, was making sure that wasn’t going to happen. I turn the music up and jamming to the beat I put the petal to the metal and did at least 90 mph most of the way there. Finally I had reached NJ, got to my place there and dropped off a few things, then it was straight to my shoot. When I arrived two guys was sitting on the bed.  ” Are they for me I asked? “  Yes! says the producer. My pussy I swear seemed to jump up and down in my jeans.  LOL!!! So I quickly ran into the dressing room and began putting on my makeup and lingerie.  As I started putting my last touches on it hit me! Damn! am I going to be fucking them one at a time or will this be two guys and a girl thing….  I kind of anticipated being a bit nervous,  yes  SaXXX get’s nerves too!  Shit and who wouldn’t be?  I got to big black guys waiting to bang me and I’m not sure if I can hang!! It’s not like I do this all the time…, but if my pussy had any say it would be “Damn’it SaXXX, get your ass out there and take those dicks like a pro!”

Trailer: Saxxx feat. Joe Adonis & Johnson McDangles

Feat. Joe Adonis & Johnson McDangles

Saxxx sucks and fucks two studs

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SaxTripleX is live do not miss her 1st anal scene

January 21st, 2014

SaxTripleX loves to give oral

January 17th, 2014

This is one of many hot and steamy scenes  I have in store for ya’ll @

I really enjoyed this scene with male performer Lawrik:)

Saxxx feat Lawrik Trailer

The Cock-Sucking Queen!

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Welcome to SaxTripleX Blog

January 13th, 2014 (Launch Date March ’13)

Rediculous Tits

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